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Continental Auto Gets A Little Dirty

May 12th, 2016
May Clean Up Week
May Clean Up Week

“We all play a part in our community - and sometimes that means we’re going to get a little dirty”, explains Derek Adolf, Principal Owner of Continental Auto, “but it’s important work.”

During Anchorage’s annual May Clean Up Week, the Continental Auto Group family elected to clear out a nearby wooded area that had been used as a dumping ground for years.

“We found all sorts of interesting items back there – dilapidated tents, Christmas ornaments; moldy furniture; cable wire – and other bits of nasty things…it was just a mess”, explains Ivan Rivera – Continental’s IT Director.

About twenty-five Continental team members donned on working gloves and boots and drove out 15 truck beds full of junk and trash in just under two hours of time.

“Look at what we can do when we work together – it feels fantastic to spruce up just a little of our part of Anchorage.”

Our Community Core Value Commitment –

We have a responsibility to support our community with time, effort and funding in meaningful ways. Many Continental employees devote time and energy to local charitable organizations, causes and community events. Continental Auto Group as an entity participates in events of interest. Donations to charitable organizations, team sports and foundations are made to support customer, employee and community interests.

Continental Subaru Shares the Love with Anchorage’s Catholic Social Services

April 29th, 2016

The fastest growing homeless segment in our nation is women with young children and the second most traumatic event that can happen in a child’s life is being homeless.

Last November and December, Continental Subaru chose two Anchorage Catholic Social Services’ (CSS) programs to benefit from Subaru of America’s Share the Love campaign: Clare House and Charlie Elder House.

Women who find themselves homeless are in crisis. Their primary concern is finding food, shelter and clothing for themselves and their children. Anchorage’s Clare House provides a 24-hour, safe and warm emergency shelter and meets basic needs for women with children and expectant mothers for up to 30 days.

Charlie Elder House provides housing for homeless, teenage boys. In the house, boys learn to live independently and learn life skills such as setting short term goals; learning to cook; find a job, etc. Residents of Charlie Elder House are expected to make high school graduation (or obtaining a GED) a priority and are encouraged to contribute back to the community.

On April 27th, Continental Subaru presented Anchorage’s Archbishop Schweitz; Catholic Social Services Directors and Staff; a combined total of $43,000 for these two Catholic Social Services programs:
Our dedicated Continental Subaru team and our loyal Subaru customers are proud to provide our community members with resources that truly make impactful and meaningful differences in the Anchorage community.

  • Clare House - $28,000
  • Charlie Elder House - $15,000

Because it’s about Love – and it’s what makes a Subaru.

Share the Love
Share the Love

We Shop The Competition For Tires

March 21st, 2016

Our early tire changeover season was interrupted with a bit of snow. We’re thankful for the precipitation and the interruption gives us a moment to compare prices. Here’s what we found…

Location Tire Brand Price
Alaska Tire Free Install, Extra $10 for TPMS Reset Fuzion $465.80
Johnson’s Tire $85 Install + $10 tax Toyo $641.00
Alyeska Tire $85 install + $10 tax Toyo $762.80
Costco $70 install + $10 tax Michelin $700.00
Sam’s Club $60 install + $10 tax Goodyear $490.00
Kendall Toyota $120 install + $10 tax Michelin $888.00
Continental Auto Group Free Install Toyo $485

Note: Prices shopped March 10, 2016 by calling local stores. Tire size 205/55R16 for a 2013 Nissan Sentra. Prices will vary by size and tire brand.

Price isn’t the only factor many shoppers will value. For instance, many tire buyers will be pleased to know Continental Auto Group honors Toyo Tires 500-mile/45-day No Regrets guarantee for our Toyo tires. We also offer free installation and lifetime tire rotation for any set of tires we sell.

What are you waiting for? Get a price quote for your vehicle. Click Here!

Toyo All-Weather Tires Put To Test

February 17th, 2016
Toyo All-Weather Tires Put To Test
Toyo All-Weather Tires Put To Test

All-weather tires are an emerging trend in the tire industry, and when the Toyo Celsius variable condition tire launched last fall, Consumer Reports thought it seemed very like the Nokian WR G3 all-weather tire. So the consumer advocacy organization decided to compare them.

Toyo describes the Celsius and Celsius CUV tires as variable conditions tires — with performance like an all-season tire on cleared roads and winter-tire-like grip on snow and ice. Nokian says its advanced new-generation all-weather WR G3 is designed for different vehicles and drivers but for any weather.

Consumer Reports endorses the concept of all-weather tires saying, “They make a lot of sense for drivers who live in the snowbelt and want more traction than the typical all-season tire but don’t want the inconvenience of buying a second set of tires for winter use.”

Alaskan drivers accustomed to using studless winter tires year-round will benefit from better tread-life and more stable performance on wet and dry roads in breakup and summer season.


According to Consumer Reports, the tests found the new Toyo Celsius and Nokian WR G3 both delivered solid winter traction.

While snow tires might perform better on snow and ice than the Toyo and Nokian all-weather tires, the all-weather tires had better stopping ability on cleared pavement and better handling overall.


The report gave the Toyo Celsius and Nokian WR G3 virtually identical overall scores, placing them in the upper half of Consumer Reports’ winter/snow tire ratings chart. The tires performed similarly in most of the tests. The Celsius was found to have a longer stopping distance than the WR G3 on wet road surfaces, although it was still shorter than many dedicated snow tires.

However, the Celsius’ tread life was predicted to be longer than the WR G3, with the Celsius having a 60,000 treadwear mileage warranty and the WR G3 55,000. The Toyo Celsius is available in 14-17-inch tire sizes to fit many family cars, and the CUV version comes in 17-20-inch tire sizes for trucks. The Nokian is available in 14-19-inch tire sizes.

Consumer Reports found the Toyo Celsius all-weather tire to be more affordably priced and offered a longer tread life in the measured test size (215/60R16).

We can’t publish the Consumer Reports chart of winter tire tests but the findings show dedicated winter tires and year-round all-weather perform very similarly with snow traction. Scores diverge with regard to braking, hydroplaning, and handling with the all-weather tires outperforming dedicated snow tires when the roads were a mix of dry, wet, snow.



Celsius is the revolutionary variable-conditions tire with better ice and snow traction than a typical all-season tire and longer tread life than a winter tire. Built for convenient year-round use, Celsius stops up to 14 feet shorter on snow and eight feet shorter on ice than a typical all-season tire. It also performs well on wet and dry roads plus comes with a 60,000-mile warranty. Toyo Celsius means year-round versatility plus winter-weather safety in one.


The new Nokian WR All-Weather tires offer a virtuoso combination of safety and carefree driving pleasure for every season. This advanced new-generation tire family is a reflection of Nokian Tyres’ work at its best: WRG3 is designed for different vehicles and drivers but for any weather. These environmentally friendly premium products feature nanotechnology, canola oil and the solid winter expertise of Nokian Tyres, which guarantee their reliable functionality in the typically varying weather conditions of North America.


  • Variable Sipe Density
    • Inside Tread: Higher sipe density for excellent traction on ice and snow.
    • Outside Tread: Lower sipe density for traction on wet and dry roads.

  • Snow Claws
    • Improve deep snow traction.
    • Increase block rigidity for better ice and wet traction.

  • Slush Grooves
    • Evacuate slush for increased traction on slush and snow.

  • Multi-Waves Sipes

  • Minimize irregular wear for a smooth, quiet ride.
  • Improve braking on icy, wet and dry roads.
  • Available in 14-17-inch tires and CUV from 17 to 20 inch
  • Absolute grip and excellent handling in all winter conditions
  • Stable and easy to control even at high speeds
  • Low rolling resistance to save fuel and environment
  • Severe service emblem or mountain snowflake symbol designation rated for use in severe winter conditions
  • You can drive about 30 miles on an empty tire if the car is fully loaded
  • DSI and WSI indicators
  • Silent Groove Design
  • 3D self-locking siping
  • Available in 14-19-inch tires

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