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1. To return borrowed vehicle, in the same condition it was received in, except for ordinary wear and tear. Rental charges of $54.95 per day, plus applicable tax will be charged if the loaner vehicle is not returned by 5:00pm on the first business day preceding notification of repair completion.

2. Continental Auto Group does not extend or afford any insurance coverage to the borrower, other authorized driver, or passenger through this agreement. At all times borrower will have full coverage insurance as required by Continental Auto Group. Borrower assumes full responsibility for any damage to, destruction, or loss of property transported in the borrowed vehicle. The borrower will immediately contact the police and file a police report regardless of how minor the damage might be. The borrower will notify Continental Auto Group as soon as possible following police notification and will provide a complete and true accounting of the incident in writing. Borrower shall cooperate fully with Continental Auto Group and the insurer of Continental Auto Group in the investigation and defense of any claim or suit. Borrower will reimburse Continental Auto Group for any loss which Continental Auto Group may sustain as a result of borrowers use of this vehicle, including but not limited to, any legal liability or other detrimental obligation incurred by the borrower or borrower’s insurance company.

3. Driver(s) must be a minimum of 25 years of age, possess a valid license, full coverage insurance and have a major credit card to operate the loaner vehicle.

4. Borrower is responsible for all parking violations. Any unpaid ticket(s), penalties, plus a $25.00 fee per citation will be billed to the borrower’s credit card.

5. Smoking in the vehicle, transporting pets*, hauling and towing are expressly prohibited. There is a $200 minimum cleaning fee for hauling pets*, transporting caught fish or smoking. *Service Animals are excepted if noted at time of rental.

6. Borrower will use the vehicle in conformity with all applicable laws, regulations and ordinances. The vehicle shall not be used for any illegal purpose, to push or tow another vehicle or trailer, to carry passengers or property for hire, in a race or contest, or off-road or in a place not designed for road vehicles.

7. Borrower will not allow or cause the borrowed vehicle to be loaned to, or operated by, any person other than those defined by this loaner car bailment agreement form.

8. Borrower agrees to bear the expense of all fuel. Borrower will not authorize or incur expense or obligation of any nature for the repair of this vehicle.

9. Borrower agrees to assume and bear the entire risk of loss or damage to the vehicle including, but not limited to towing, administrative costs, loss of use, and replacements from any and every cause whatsoever including without limitation casualty, collision, fire, vandalism, falling objects, overhead damage, glass breakage, civil commotion and theft.

10. If Continental Auto Group brings legal or other action to enforce these terms and conditions, Continental Auto Group shall be entitled to recover all fees, costs and expenses incurred in connection with such action, including costs of repossession, collection, and attorney fees.

11. Continental Auto Group retains all rights and claims against borrower that occurs as a result of the borrower using the borrowed vehicle. Borrower does not have the right or privilege to encumber, lend or dispose of the borrowed vehicle. If borrower owes any monies under this agreement, Continental Auto Group shall have a lien on any Auto Group may put a lien on, and the right to retain, any vehicle owned by the borrower in the possession of Continental Auto Group.

12. Continental Auto Group shall not be responsible for loss or damages to any property left, stored, or transported by the borrower. Borrower indemnifies and holds harmless from and against any and all claims based upon or arising out of such loss or damage.