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Anchorage Snow Plowing

November 9th, 2015

snowplowingWinter weather has fully arrived and with it the Anchorage municipality is offering an online map tracking the city’s efforts to keep the roads clear.

“We can’t control the weather, but our new map provides Anchorage residents with plow plans and real-time updates for roads the municipality maintains, as well as contact information for state-maintained arterials and streets,” Mayor Ethan Berkowitz said in a Monday statement announcing the new map.

City employees are responsible for approximately half of the paved roads in Anchorage—1,300 lane miles of road, 1,400 cul-de-sacs and 200 miles of sidewalks and trails.

Anchorage maintenance equipment included 30 graders, 9 sander truck and 2 de-icer vehicles.(2015)

Of note: Anchorage de-icer vehicles use magnesium chloride rather than salt (sodium chloride) due to environmental concerns. Saltwater runoff can contaminate soil and leach into rivers and lakes damaging salmon habitat. Electrolytes from saltwater increase the rate at which metals will rust.

Interactive map: Snow Plowing in Anchorage