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Protect your vehicle finish from everyday hazards: Gravel, Bugs, Tar, Oils, Bird Droppings, and Tree Sap. Protects from magnesium chloride and road salt.
Extra durable, yet nearly invisible, urethane film protects your vehicle’s finish from unsightly damage due to road debris and scuffs. Designed to provide sacrificial protection for up to 10 years. Replace the film to renew the look.
Select Your Coverage Area
Covering high impact areas with the most vulnerability to bugs, rocks, ice and gravel spray.
  • Partial Hood
    Partial Fenders
    Painted Mirrors
  • 6-mil thick urethane film
  • Stain and Discoloration Resistant
  • Self Healing, Resists Swirl Marks
  • Installers have over 20-years installation experience
Extends basic coverage areas to expanded front fascia protection and the common impact and scuff areas along the doors and door cup.
  • Partial Hood
    Partial Fenders
    Painted Mirrors
    Painted Bumper
    Door Cups and Edges
  • Replaces partial hood for entire hood coverage
Covers all forward facing painted surfaces with urethane. Including the A-Pillars and a portion of the roof just above the windshield. Increases coverage to full-hood, and full-fender.
  • Entire Hood
    Entire Fenders
    Painted Mirrors
    Painted Bumper
    Door Cups and Edges
    Partial Roof (No Rails)

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