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Impact Statement: Stone Soup Group

January 24th, 2023

Stone Soup Group was chosen as Anchorage’s hometown charity for the Subaru Share the Love Event in 2020. We gratefully received a donation to support families who care for loved ones with developmental disabilities! Stone Soup Group exists to sustain the health and well-being of Alaskan children with special needs and their families. Through listening to their stories, we identify areas of need and work with communities to find solutions. We are a statewide nonprofit organization based in Anchorage, Alaska. We were created in 1992 by parents of children with disabilities. We offer information, support, training and resources to empower families and strengthen a family's community support system. Our name is a nod to the children’s fable, in which, after being convinced by a hungry stranger that they can make soup with just a stone, a village of people each decide to contribute their own meats and vegetables until there is enough balanced, nutritious soup to feed everyone. This spirit of collaboration and input of varied experience and knowledge is the philosophy behind the work we do at SSG. The supports and trainings that we provide to families are offered at no cost. It is only with generous donations like the one from Subaru of America, Inc and Continental Subaru that we can readily offer assistance and resources to families who are caring for children with disabilities. The timing of this donation, April 2020, allowed us to have the necessary funding to transition to virtual services in what was an unpredictable and unprecedented time. We are so grateful to have been chosen by Subaru and all of the local residents who purchased new vehicles! Thank you for supporting Stone Soup Group so that we can continue to support Alaskan families!