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Winter Driving Tips

October 19th, 2018
Winter Driving

Brace yourselves! Winter is coming. The cold, snow, and ice kind. Meteorologists may debate the amounts and proportions of each measure but we know it means danger and darkness on the road. With Anchorage being a fast moving city with a few quirks of its own the driving danger is compounded. Continental posted a helpful driving tips list last year and received lots of helpful suggestions from local drivers. We’ve curated and updated the list and present it to thoughtful drivers everywhere.

Put down the phone.
Your focus is critical, even at stop lights. Use hands-free tech and keep your eyes and attention focused on the road around you.

Anchorage drivers run the yellow and, as a result, sometimes the red lights too.
Don’t be too eager to pull forward on a green. Like a pedestrian look left, look right before crossing the intersection.

Stop early, leave some space.
When stopping at red lights, you’ll want to stop early and then creep forward as cars approach from behind. Paying attention to approaching vehicles will allow you to give a little extra space to avoid a serious accident.

Be a good neighbor, clear your roof.
It’s easy to hit the remote-start and hit the road when the window is defrosted. Take a moment to clear the snow and ice from the hood and roof. Blowing snow cuts visibility and chunks of debris create hazards for motorists behind you.

All-wheel drive isn’t all-wheel stop.
All-wheel drive systems only provide assistance when accelerating. They offer no advantage when braking. Be sure you’re running a good winter tire for Anchorage’s icy intersections.

Slow down.
Posted speed limits are for dry conditions. Oddly enough, moose enjoy winter weather and do not care about the parent-teacher meeting you’re late for.

Anchorage is really well lit and folks can largely ignore what’s going on with their headlamps. Still, you’ll want to check to be sure they are actually on and not just the interior lights. Also, be sure to check your high-beam position. Many drivers like the brighter lights and even when they don’t match the intensity of Bi-Xenon or LED lights, high-beam usage focuses the light directly into oncoming traffic.

Tailgating is bad.
Leave space to stop. Tailgating takes options such as braking or lane changes away from other drivers to be able to avoid accidents.

Plan for the unexpected.
Have an exit plan of where to go. Always be aware of your environment and surroundings—parking lots, people, vehicles, animals, trees, shrubs… everything.

Yes! Sunglasses. Polarized specifically. They’ll help cut ice glare and improve visibility in conditions other than bright sun. Yellow/bronze lenses can help brighten and sharpen visual acuity on cloudy days.

Avoid sudden, exaggerated movements.
A skid can be initiated when the inertia of the vehicle is different that the direction wheels are heading. Take your foot off the gas, don’t slam the brakes. Turn into the skid and steer the vehicle back to the desired direction.

Check the conditions.
Us the online tools Alaska511 for road conditions and Anchorage Police Nixle alerts do a good job of informing drivers of current conditions. Check out the Facebook group, “Glenn Highway Traffic Report” for user-generated reports about road conditions between Anchorage and the MatSu.
Alaska 511
Facebook Group - Glenn Highway Traffic Report
Sign up for Anchorage Nixle alerts

Keep a coat and gloves in the car.
We’re Alaskan, we’re tough and acclimated to quick bursts from the house to the car. Don’t get stuck responding, or worse, in an accident without some gear. Add a first aid kit, flares, and some hand warmers to be prepared.

Turn off lane keep assist. 
If your vehicle is equipped with Pilot Assist, lane keep and other assistive technologies drivers may consider deactivating the technologies that automatically steer the vehicle—the ruts in the roads confuse the systems and can steer vehicles into guardrails or ditches.

Avoid cruise control. 
Even roads that look clear can have sudden slippery spots which often triggers cruise control to accelerate erratically. Using the brake on these spots will could cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle.
2018 Update: Automated safety equipment that attempts to steer your vehicle, such as ‘Lane Keep’ assist, should be turned off to avoid unintended skids. These systems will, overall, avoid accidents, but they can get confused with the snow tracks and may unexpectedly steer your vehicle into another lane or off road.

Invest in good wipers. 
A good winter wiper can help maintain visibility in heavy snow conditions. Also, use a winterized washer fluid. Wipers on = lights on.

Winter tires.
Winter tires —studded or studless— offer the best traction because the rubber is designed to remain pliable in cold weather. Snow tires also offer siping and big blocks to power through snow. Silica helps rubber grip the ice. Continental has good prices and free installation

We Shop The Competition for Winter Tires 2018

October 17th, 2018

Are you Ready For Winter

Termination dust is creeping down the mountains and winter is beginning to show signs it will, in fact, arrive despite any attempts to avoid it. Brisk mornings bring thoughts of ice, frost, and snow. It’s time to change over to your winter tires! (Continental has our specials posted here Tire Change Over Specials.) But, perhaps, this year, you find yourself in need of a new set? We’ve got you covered with effective and affordable Toyo winter tires. The popular studded Toyo Observe G3-Ice competes in the top-tier of the Consumer Reports rankings and performs very well in driving conditions that affect Anchorage. Not convinced they’re for you? Toyo offers a 45-day or 500-mile ‘No Regrets’ return policy—simply return them, we’ll help you find something you will like!

We’re pretty sure you’ll love the Toyo tires on their own but we know the price is always a factor. For that reason, we also shop the competition to be sure our customers always get a great value. The most tire for the best price, with free installation, shuttle service, and Kaladi Bros. coffee.

Store Studded Tire
Studless Tire
Mount & Balance
Shuttle Service
Alaska Tire Service Hankook RW11
$15 Fee
Alyeska Tire Norman 7
Nokia R2
No Shuttle
American Tire & Auto Hankook iPike
No Shuttle
Anchorage Tire Factory Nokian Hakka 9
Nokian Hakka R2
No Shuttle
KD Discount Tire Master Brand
Master Brand
No Shuttle
Continental Tire & Auto Toyo G3-ICE
Toyo GSi-5

Reference vehicle: 2018 Honda CR-V • 235/60R18 • Shopped October 1, 2018
Prices include installation but do not include fees for tire disposal.

Continental Subaru Shares The Love With Priceless Alaska

May 18th, 2018

It’s not an easy topic to consider, and uncomfortable to comprehend that it’s happening right in your own community, but the hard truth is… sex trafficking is the fastest growing, most lucrative, crime in Alaska.

Priceless Alaska, a small Anchorage non-profit organization, whose mission it is to help victims escape their circumstances and connect them to resources, was chosen as Continental Subaru’s Hometown Charity recipient during this year’s annual Subaru Share the Love program.

Working closely with various law enforcement officials, victims are referred to Priceless Alaska where their immediate needs are addressed and then are assigned mentors that assist the survivor in navigating all the resources that are available to her. Resources range from emergency and long-term housing; counseling; medical and legal services; job training, and education completion.

The entire auto group team chose Priceless Alaska during a nomination process involving everyone’s input at Continental Auto Group, a family owned and operated Anchorage group of dealerships.

On April 13th, Continental Subaru presented a check to Priceless Alaska for $34,464.

“The funds provided through Subaru’s Share the Love event will allow us to continue the important mission of reaching and resourcing survivors of human trafficking, one of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Lives will be saved, new futures will be made possible, and hope will invade hopeless situations because Subaru is sharing the love with Priceless this year,” commented Adam Legg, executive Director of Love Alaska, the parent organization of Priceless Alaska.

Over the past four years, Continental Subaru has presented over $160,000 to local Anchorage charities thru Subaru’s Share the Love event. Past recipients have been: Eva Foundation, Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage; Catholic Social Services of Anchorage and Newborns in Need.


From November 17, 2016 to January 3, 2017, customers who purchased or leased a new Subaru vehicle could select from a list of charities to receive a donation of $250 from Subaru of America. Since the start of the “Share the Love” program in 2008, Subaru of America has donated approximately $115 million to a number of worthy causes through the “Share the Love” event. The four national charities selected by Subaru of America are: ASPCA®, Make-A-Wish®, Meals on Wheels Association of America® and the National Park Foundation.

Kikkan Brings Home The Gold

April 4th, 2018

Until 2018, no female U.S. cross-country skier had ever won an Olympic medal… of any color.

Enter Kikkan Randall and teammate Jessie Diggins, two powerhouse cross-country skiers qualifying for the medal round, and then winning gold, in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

For Kikkan, a five-time Olympian, it was her first and last career Olympic medal.

Kikkan Randall was raised and trained on Alaskan trails with the support of her family, friends, and the Anchorage community, including Continental Subaru.

“I knew that Kikkan was something special when I saw her competing in high school sports,” said Marten Martensen, co-owner of the Continental Auto Group.

“I remember saying to her high school running coach, ‘this girl is going places!’ Turns out, she went all the way to the Olympics! Five times!”, continued Martensen,

“Her endless drive to train for competition, to raise her family, and to make time for community outreach is a great credit to her. Kikkan Randall is not only a stellar athlete, she’s a stellar human being. We’ve been proud to sponsor Kikkan for the past 12 years and we wish her only the best in her retirement from competitive sports,” commented Susan Hamilton, Director of Marketing and Advertising of Continental Auto Group.

Continental Subaru has sponsored Kikkan in her athletic career since 2006, from her first runs in Nationals and World Cup competitions to her fifth and final run in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. As a result in her participation in international sports and elected by her fellow Olympians, Kikkan was elected to the International Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission and will serve an eight year term.