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Meals on Wheels Partners with Subaru of America to Feed Alaskan Seniors

November 27th, 2017

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, and in keeping with its commitment to support local communities nationwide, Subaru of America, has donated two Meals on Wheels delivery vehicles – to two Senior Centers in Alaska;

the Kenai Senior Center and the Homer Senior Centers. With these two new Subaru Outbacks, both senior centers will be able to deliver nearly 30,000 meals to Alaskan seniors. Subaru of America has supported the national Meals on Wheels network since 2008 through the Subaru Share the Love philanthropic event – contributing more than $12M to Meals on Wheels America. Subaru’s annual Share the Love program started November 17th and will continue to run thru January 2nd. Continental Subaru of Anchorage, actively participates in the Share the Love campaign and has donated over $125,000 to local Alaskan non-profit organizations since 2014.

Can a sales event really make Alaska a better place?

November 16th, 2017
Share The Love

When Subaru created the Share the Love Event ten years ago, the goal was very simple: Join forces with our retailers, our customers, and our amazing charity partners to put a little love in the hearts of those in need.

This year, when you get a new Subaru from November 16 through January 2, we will donate $250 to your choice from four national charities: Meals on Wheels, the ASPCA®, Make-A-Wish®, the National Park Foundation or Priceless Alaska.

Since Subaru created Share the Love in 2008, Subaru and its retailers have donated over $115 million, giving countless people plenty to sing about.

What about the impact right here in Anchorage?

Since 2014, over $110,000 has gone to local organizations geared to help people in need. Eva Foundation, Clare House, Charlie Elder House, and Newborns in Need have received funds to assist in delivering on their core mission. In addition, local chapters of Meals on Wheels providing meal delivery and check-in service have received cash donations and vehicles through the national program. Denali National Park has also benefitted with Subaru donations and a waste reduction partnership as a result of Share The Love donations from here in Alaska and around the United States.

For 2017, Continental Subaru is proud to select Priceless Alaska as our hometown charity for the Share The Love program.

Anchorage has seen an increase in violent crime sweeping the area. The surprising connection is the increase in crimes related to human trafficking. Directly related to drug trade, child pornography and many other crimes—human traffickers prey on our children by using coercion, force, and fear to manipulate them into despicable acts. Many times they are lost for years. When victims of human trafficking are found, they are often shattered emotionally and physically broken. Victims need support and assistance to reconnect with families, with humanity. It’s a difficult task that many agencies do not fully understand or are capable of delivering. Priceless Alaska bridges the gap by providing a mentor and connecting victims with the resources needed to heal.

Priceless Alaska has served over 80 victims and works with local and national law en

The Subaru Share the Love Event. So much more than just getting a great car, it’s a community of people helping others.

Winter Driving Tips for Anchorage

October 17th, 2017
snow roads

Every city seems to have it’s own driving dynamic. Anchorage is a fast moving city with a few road quirks and light traffic enforcement—and most of the time we like it this way. When conditions are good it’s a hard charging city with people on the move and no apologies. Winter exacerbates our hard charging behavior into explosive accidents.

Even when a driver does everything correctly, another driver’s inexperience or inattentive behavior can suddenly and severely change the driving dynamic for everyone.

Help yourself navigate the rules-of-the-road and winter driving in Anchorage with these key observations and tips.

Put down the phone.
Focus is critical, even at stop lights. Use hands-free tech and keep your eyes and attention focused on the road around you.

Anchorage drivers run the yellow and, as a result, sometimes the red lights too.
Don’t be too eager to pull forward on a green. Like a pedestrian look left, look right before crossing the intersection.

Stop early, leave some space.
When stopping at red lights, you’ll want to stop early and then creep forward as cars approach from behind. Paying attention to approaching vehicles will allow you to give a little extra space to avoid a serious accident.

Be a good neighbor, clear your roof.
It’s easy to hit the remote-start and hit the road when the window is defrosted. Take a moment to clear the snow and ice from the hood and roof. Blowing snow cuts visibility and chunks of debris create hazards for motorists behind you.

All-wheel drive isn’t all-wheel stop.
All-wheel drive systems only provide assistance when accelerating. They offer no advantage when braking. Be sure you’re running a good winter tire for Anchorage’s icy intersections.

Slow down.
Posted speed limits are for dry conditions. Oddly enough, moose enjoy winter weather and do not care about the parent-teacher meeting you’re late for.

Tailgating is bad.
Leave space to stop. Tailgating takes options such as braking or lane changes away from other drivers to be able to avoid accidents.

Plan for the unexpected.
Have an exit plan of where to go. Always be aware of your environment and surroundings—parking lots, people, moving vehicles, animals, trees, shrubs… everything.

Yes! Sunglasses. Polarized specifically. They’ll help cut ice glare and improve visibility in conditions other than bright sun.

Avoid sudden, exaggerated movements.
A skid can be initiated when the inertia of the vehicle is different that the direction wheels are heading. Take your foot off the gas, don’t slam the brakes. Turn into the skid and steer the vehicle back to the desired direction.

Check the conditions.
Us the online tools Alaska511 for road conditions and Anchorage Police Nixle alerts do a good job of informing drivers of current conditions. Check out the Facebook group, “Glenn Highway Traffic Report” for user generated reports about road conditions between Anchorage and the MatSu.

Keep a coat and gloves in the car.
We’re Alaskan, we’re tough and acclimated to quick bursts from the house to the car. Don’t get stuck responding, or worse, in an accident without some gear. Add a first aid kit, flares, and some hand warmers to be prepared.

Turn off lane keep assist.
If your vehicle is equipped with Pilot Assist, lane keep and other assistive technologies drivers may consider deactivating the technologies that automatically steer the vehicle—the ruts in the roads confuse the systems and can steer vehicles into guardrails or ditches.

Avoid cruise control.
Even roads that look clear can have sudden slippery spots which often triggers cruise control to accelerate erratically. Using the brake on these spots will could cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle.

Invest in good wipers.
A good winter wiper can help maintain visibility in heavy snow conditions. Also, use a winterized washer fluid. Wipers on = lights on.

Winter tires.
Studded or studless winter tires offer the best traction because the rubber is designed to remain pliable in cold weather. Snow tires also offer siping and big blocks to power through snow.

Winter is dangerous for for all drivers but it’s especially hard for those who’ve never experienced it behind the wheel. With some common sense, remaining observant and a little luck we’ll get through it together. Be safe out there.

America’s Best Truck Warranty

September 12th, 2017

Nissan Offer 5Yrs/100,000 Bumper-To-Bumper coverage.

Nissan crushes the competition with powerful engines, impressive towing and commercial-grade components backed by America’s Best Truck Warranty—5 Years/100,000 Mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty that surpasses all competitors.

Warranty Coverage Includes:

  • The 5.6-liter Endurance® 32-valve V8 gas engine standard in the Titan and Titan XD.
  • The Titan XD’s available Cummins V8 Turbo Diesel engine with 550 lbs-ft of torque.
  • The Titan’s full boxed, full-length ladder frame and the reinforced boxed, full-length ladder frame version found in the Titan XD.
  • Available Around View® Monitor and Trailer Light Check for those one-man towing jobs
  • The durable multi-leaf rear suspension with solid axle and stabilizer bar.
  • For more on the features of the Titan and Titan XD visit Nissan Capability: Take on the Biggest Jobs

Here’s how the 2017 Titan Truck Warranty matches up against the 2017 in-class competition.


5YRS / 100,000 MILES

3YRS / 36,000 MILES

3YRS / 36,000 MILES

3YRS / 36,000 MILES

3YRS / 36,000 MILES


5YRS / 100,000 MILES

5YRS / 60,000 MILES

5YRS / 60,000 MILES

5YRS / 60,000 MILES

5YRS / 60,000 MILES


5YRS / 100,000 MILES

5YRS / 100,000 MILES

5YRS / 100,000 MILES

5YRS / 100,000 MILES

*Claim based on years/mileage (whichever occurs first) covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty basic coverage. Ward’s 2016 Large Pickup Segmentation and Small Pickup Segmentation v. 2017 Titan and Titan XD and Wards Light Vehicle Segmentation: 2016/2017 Nissan NV Cargo, NV Passenger v. 2016 Large Van Class; 2016/2017 Nissan NV200® v. 2016 Small Van Class. Commercial Vans compared only. Nissan’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty basic coverage excludes tires, corrosion coverage and federal and California emission performance and defect coverage. Other terms and conditions apply. See dealer for complete warranty details.

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